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Why MLP Is For Men (A Libertarian’s Point Of View)

The (Male) Phallus, the ultimate symbol of MASCULINITY (keyword), Masculinity has and always will triumph over femininity, even in seemingly femmial cartoon shows, Maleity prevails. I.E MLP 

The best evidence to support these claims, is the seemingly “random” occurence of Male Phalluses (keyword) found in a lot of the shows imagery, here’s a great example, 


sorry I couldn’t take a screenshot there’s a bunch of fucking shit under my prt screen key.

In the above image I illustrate the clearly visible Male Phalluses (Ultimate Power Symbol) in Pinkie pie’s hair, this implie’s pinkie pies implication as the male bearer, by this we can conclude pinky pie is an allegorical metaphor for the male (viewer) a proxy, if you will.

This brings me back to my original point, Do you See any (weak) Feminine symbolism in this image? DO you really think the creators of this show want little (scum) future matriachomongoloid girls watching this, besides trying to educate them of the power of the male masculine form.

MLP Is meant for intelligent (not a female trait, usually), Non promiscuous MALES or VIRGPUR males (pure virgin males), as i like to call them, Only (Pure) male eye’s have the capability to see the true subtleties, references and humor in the show, little mongirloid (young women) don’t have the capability to see any of this, as they don’t have a Male Phallus Object, Or a MPO (female-to-male trans do not count, as they still have a subhumongoloid aura/energy, simply implanting a phallus does not fix them)

Further more, most WO-men do not have the emotional maturity to understand the character’s, they have no emotional proxy since there are no manipulative, passive agressive, womanlysubhumans in MLP.

But you might ask, why is this presented in Femmie images? such as the color pink, and ponies? Good questions

It’s simple, they’re putting MPO’s in seemingly girly shows so they will understand the true power of Maleical ingenuity, and learn to worship the male phallus, not berate, or shuckle it.

Only a man could make such a great show, and he did!

Thank You For Reading.


Sheldon Bingham

Milwaukee Area Technical Community College 

Recipient of Two Scholastic Gold-key Writing awards


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